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Alaska Mortgage Rates

Find a low Alaska mortgage or refinance rate

Start by:

  • Identifying your expectations and your financial goals.
  • Understanding the different types of mortgages and how interest rates work.
  • Learning the tax savings potential associated with mortgages.
  • Arranging to meet with Alaska lenders.
  • Discussing with Alaska lenders your needs and completing mortgage applications.
  • Comparing offers from different Alaska lenders.

Alaska Mortgages and Mortgage Loan Rates
Certainly you can learn and do all of this by yourself. But there is another way, a way that will save you time. All you have to do is take advantage of the many resources has to offer. Here you’ll find mortgage calculators, useful tips, timely articles, and information about Alaska lenders and their rates. All of this has been designed to help you get the best deal on your Alaska mortgage.

Choosing Fixed-rate mortgages in Alaska

Many Alaska borrowers choose fixed-rate mortgages (FRMs) because of the certainty they offer. A fixed-rate mortgage is just that: a mortgage with an interest rate that will not change. The payoff schedule and monthly payments don’t change either and all of that makes budgeting much easier. Since FRM terms don’t change, there are never any surprises, never any balloon payments, and never any reason to refinance. Of course, if rates drop significantly, a borrower always has the option to refinance. The typical term of a FRM is 30 years, but they are also available for shorter and longer periods.

Alaska mortgage tax savings benefits

One of the best benefits of an Alaska mortgage is the potential tax savings. The savings really add up so it makes sense to factor them in when using’s Mortgage Tax Savings Calculator to help determine your budget. Among the tax deductions to which a homeowner may be entitled are points paid, interest, and the amount paid in property taxes. With the exception of points paid on a refinance mortgage, income tax laws allow you to deduct home-related expenses during the year in which they were incurred. Points paid on a refinance are deducted over time. Since you pay the most interest on your mortgage during the first years, this is when you’ll see the most savings.

Compare several Alaska mortgages

Alaska mortgage lenders are ready to offer you their best price on a mortgage. All you need to do is let them know you’re serious. How? By completing a mortgage application, ideally with several Alaska lenders, so you can compare prices. Once you start receiving quotes, separate them by mortgage type so that you’re doing a fair comparison. Some lenders may offer FRMs while others may offer mortgages with adjustable rates. Don’t push aside mortgages with higher monthly payments until you figure out why those payments are higher. Perhaps you’re being quoted a shorter loan term, which has the dual benefit of helping you build equity more quickly and save money on interest. To aid in your understanding and comparison of different loan products, be sure to take advantage of the mortgage comparison calculators available right here at
If home ownership in Alaska is in your future, don’t delay. Start your search for the ideal Alaska mortgage today.

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