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Kentucky Mortgage Rates

Mortgages in Kentucky

How much do you know about the Bluegrass State? If you click around, you’ll know a lot about Kentucky’s interest rates and lenders. While here, you can also learn more about the mortgage process including money-saving mortgage tips, mortgage industry terminology, and everything you need to know about improving your credit, dealing with refinancing, budgeting and more.

Second mortgages in Kentucky

When homeowners need cash for remodeling projects, unexpected expenses or just about anything else, many opt to liquidate the equity in their homes and do so with a second mortgage. The first mortgage remains in place, as-is. If you want a fixed-rate second mortgage, apply for a home equity loan. Home equity lines of credit or HELOCs have adjustable rates and may be the better option when a borrower needs smaller sums of money spaced over time. If money needed for one big expense, consider the fixed rate home equity loan. Rates on second mortgages are usually higher than first mortgages. Also lenders consider the home’s value when deciding how much to lend. Eighty percent of the home equity value is usually the maximum loan amount a lender will approve.

Kentucky conforming mortgages

Kentucky conforming mortgages are a lower cost mortgage option. To qualify, borrowers must meet certain criteria required by the federal agencies that support these loan programs. That’s Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and that criteria determine which loans are considered conforming and which are not.

Comparing Kentucky mortgages

No matter what type of Kentucky mortgage you’re interested in, the brokers on the Kentucky brokers list can help you get it. ARMs, FRMs, interest only loans, refinance mortgages and more are available. Here’s how to find what you’re looking for:

• Use the lender directory to locate and contact the Kentucky brokers you want to work with.
• Know what you’re talking about so you make the mortgage decision that best supports your financial goals.

To help, take advantage of’s easy-to-use mortgage articles and tools. Then fill out applications so those mortgage offers can start rolling in.

Take your time comparing the written offers. Remember, the offer with the lowest rate of interest is not necessarily the best. You need to input the numbers into the mortgage calculator at so know the true cost of each mortgage. Only when you know how much you’ll be spending today and in the future will you know which is best.

Popular Areas in Kentucky

Bowling Green
Central City
Mount Sterling