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Rhode Island Mortgage Rates

Rhode Island Mortgage Loans and Rates

For such a small state, Rhode Island has a lot to offer. If you’re currently living in Rhode Island and want to learn more about getting cash from your home’s equity via a second mortgage, has tools that can help. If you’re looking for a brand new Rhode Island mortgage or want to reap the benefits of refinancing,’s tools can help with that, too.
Winters in Rhode Island are everything you’d expect a New England state to be: pretty, but cold and snowy. Summers are pleasant and whenever possible, residents spend their time along the Ocean State’s miles of coastline, enjoying the warmth, humidity and occasional rain. Textiles, education, healthcare, and manufacturing are the industries that give Rhode Island an economic boost.

Mortgage rates in Rhode Island

Like most states, current economic trends contribute to the tightening and loosening of the supply of money; a situation which also plays a role in interest rates fluctuations. Other factors that help determine the interest rate a lender offers you include the type of mortgage applied for and your credit score.

Rhode Island subprime mortgages

Speaking of credit scores, if yours isn’t great, you’ll have to work harder to find both a suitable lender and mortgage. Lenders that specialize in doing business with high risk borrowers are referred to as “bad credit” or “subprime” lenders. Take extra care when choosing these lenders. Always check out the lender’s reputation and then request quotes from those with a positive track record. The Rhode Island broker directory at provides contact information to expedite your search. also has several mortgage calculators that make comparing Rhode Island offers easier. Before agreeing to any mortgage, make sure it’s affordable both now and, if it’s an adjustable type, after the interest rate and monthly payment adjust.

Comparing Rhode Island mortgages

From Adamsville to Newport and everywhere in between, you’ll find plenty of great places to live in Rhode Island. Once you’ve decided on a community, it’s time to shop around for the best rate on a mortgage. Instead of requesting online non-binding quotes, let lenders know you’re serious by filling out applications. That way you’ll get written offers with realistic numbers you can run through the mortgage calculators at Be sure to carefully evaluate all terms including points, APR and monthly payments.

Popular Areas in Rhode Island

Newport County