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Wyoming Mortgage Rates

Wyoming Mortgage Loan Rates and Mortgages

Located in the western part of the United States is the mostly rural state of Wyoming. With about a half-million people living here, it’s definitely not a place where residents feel crowed. Wyoming is the state where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains and it’s also a state intersected by the Continental Divide. Little rain falls in Wyoming and because of this there are more ranches than farms.

Wyoming is home to some of the most pristine National Parks including the first one ever designated, Yellowstone. Grand Teton National Park is also in Wyoming. Countless tourists visit these and the other beautiful areas of Wyoming which helps make tourism one of the biggest industries in the state. Mining is also big in Wyoming, producing more coal than any other state. There’s still a wild-west feel in this land of wide open spaces and if that’s what you like, you’ll like owning a home in Wyoming.

Fixed-rate mortgages in Wyoming

If you’re looking for a conservative mortgage, take a close look at a fixed-rate mortgage (FRM). A popular choice among home buyers, neither the interest rate nor the monthly payment will ever change with this type of mortgage. Borrowers usually opt for a 30-year maturity term, but lenders do offer FRMs with shorter and longer terms. Shorter term FRMs may come with a lower interest rate, and is a good choice if you can afford the slightly higher payments. Forty- and 50-year terms are also available. But even though monthly payments likely will be lower, the longer term means you may pay more in total interest costs.

Mortgage tax savings

Several of the expenses associated with your mortgage are tax deductible. These expenses include the amount paid in:

  • Interest
  • Loan points
  • Property taxes

Federal tax laws allow homeowners to deduct the total amount paid towards mortgage interest and property taxes every year. Deductions for points paid are handled differently. On a new home mortgage, homeowners can deduct the cost during the year points are paid. On a mortgage refinance, points paid must be deducted over the life of the loan.

How to compare Wyoming mortgages

Before you can compare Wyoming mortgage offers, you have to have more than one. But they’re easy to get when you use the Wyoming broker directory at to begin contacting lenders, filling out mortgage applications, and requesting offers.

Popular Areas in Wyoming

Green River
Rock Springs